1 April 2019

Through our policy J.Berry Construction recognise our responsibility to manage the impact that our activities have on the environment and commit to good environmental practice. To structure our commitment to the environment J.Berry Construction have created a documented Environmental Management System (EMS). In carrying out our construction activities across multiple locations, it is the policy of J.Berry Construction to:

  • Understand our organisation and its context by acknowledging and meeting the needs and expectations in complying with the requirements of legislation, local authorities, customers, our landlord, other interested parties and Group.
  • Identify and minimise the negative environmental impacts of our activities, prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Consider the requirements of our neighbours and other interested parties who are indirectly associated with our business, but are directly affected by the environmental impacts J.Berry Construction make.
  • Review objectives and targets on an annual basis to improve our environmental performance.
  • Implementation of this Policy is to include but is not exclusive to, managing the implementation of our policy through appointing a team of Environmental Champions to aid the implementation and communication of our EMS who can identify improvement initiatives for companywide improvement.
  • Designing our EMS to provide a tangible means of managing our environment related procedures, taking the following into account:
    • Provision of technology to ensure that approved information is available to staff.
    • The promotion of environmental awareness and knowledge of the potential impacts caused by our construction activities and office based operations.
    • Communicating the progression of our Environmental Management System on a regular basis through training, meetings, publications and one-off reporting.
    • Managing our supply chain, suppliers and design where appropriate to minimise the use of materials, energy or processes which may be harmful to the environment.
    • Promoting J.Berry Construction as a sustainable business by conserving energy, materials and resources, minimising consumption, acting efficiently and effectively managing waste.
    • Set objectives and targets on an annual basis and report results as an integrated section of the annual company Business Performance Report.

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